ARFC Representative Players

Douglas Commonwealth Games 2014The Abbotsford Rugby Club is proud of its many athletes who have represented Canada over the years. Congratulations to those who have earned the honor and best of luck to those aspiring to represent their country in the great sport of rugby.

Justin Douglas (featured right) and Jared Douglas are the most recent Abbotsford products to play for Canada 7's

Canada 15’s

Aaron Flagg (2013)
Chris Chalmers (2012 - Rugby League)
Bryn Keys (2008-9)
Brodie Henderson (2005-7)
Chris Pack
Scott Hunter (2005-6
Ryan McWhinney (2005-6)
John Cannon*
Matt Cohen* (Young Canada)
Mike Schmid
Harry Toews
Ryan Banks*
Rob Phillips (Canada 'A')
Callum MacIntosh
Brian Mosychuk
Ken Peace

*played junior rugby for Abbotsford

Canada Women's 15's

Jen Ross

Canada 7’s

Justin Douglas (current)
Jared Douglas (current)
Bryn Keys (2007-9)
Brodie Henderson (2005-10)
Chris Pack
John Cannon* (2000-2)
Matt Cohen*
Mike Schmid
Matt Kehler
Tony Rietsma
Callum MacIntosh

Canada Rugby League

Chris Chalmers (2014)

Pacific Pride (Canada U-23)

Neil Meechan* (2003-2005)
John Cannon* (1999-2001)
Ryan McWhinney (1998-2000)

Canada West (NA4)

Bryn Keys (2007-8)
Brodie Henderson (2006-7)
Neil Meechan* (2006-7)
Scott Hunter (2006)
Ryan McWhinney (2006)

Canada U-21 Men

Brodie Henderson (2005)
Neil Meechan
Simon Hinton
Mike Schmid
Callum MacIntosh

Canada U-20 Men

Jason Hignell (2014)
Jordan Sandover-Best (2013)
Justin Douglas (2013)
Ryan March (2013)
Jared Douglas (2012)
Clayton Meeres (2012)
Kurtis Appeldoorn (2010)

Canada U-20 Women

Megan Hamm (2009)

Canada U-19 Men

Paul Ahn (2012)
Jorden Sandover-Best (2012)
Connor Hunter (2012)
Lucas de Beer (2007)
Bryn Keys (2004)
Scott Giebelhaus (2004)
Ryan Watkins (2000)
Josh Wiens (2000)
Jeremy Swann (2000)
Konrad Rybkowski (2000)
John Cannon*
Chris Kitt (1998)
Jesse Lemire (1997-8)
Ryan McWhinney (1997)
Sean Jack (1997)
Andrew Hall
Callum MacIntosh
Greg Heron
Daryl Heppner
Mike Schmid

Canada U-19 Rugby League

Jason Hignell (2014, captain)

Canada U-19 Women

Kendra Reeves (2007-2008)
Stephanie Thiessen (2007)

Canada U-17 Men

Spencer Miller (2012)
Tyler Barons (2010)
Justin Douglas (2010)
Ryan March (2010)
Christian Styles (2010)
Allan Dicks (2009)
Jon Martin (2008)
Vuk Djorjevic (2008)
Kurtis Appeldoorn (2008)
Lucas de Beer (2006)
Matt Giebelhaus
Travis Douglas
Andrew Klade
Nick Thiessen
Matt Malewicz
John Cannon (1996, 1997)

Financial Support Application for Representative Players

The Abbotsford Rugby Club is pleased to be able to provide its representative athletes with financial support. If you have been selected for a representative team (Fraser Valley, BC, Canada) and wish to apply for financial support, please fill out the Financial Support Application (download here) and give it to your Abbotsford coach, or save the document once it is finished and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please also include one reference letter from a coach, teacher or employer in support of your application. If there are boxes that do not apply to you, please write N/A (not applicable).

Congratulations on your selection, and best of luck in your future matches!

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