Abby Women with Mexico - Abby Sevens 2014July 26, 2014 marked the 6th year of the Abbotsford Sevens. It was a brilliant day for rugby at Exhibition Park in Abbotsford. Sixteen teams in 3 divisions took to the fields to compete for cash and prizes. 

The local Abbotsford ladies managed to win the women's division of the tournament and take home a new set of Kukri jerseys. After going undefeated in pool play, Abbotsford came up against a determined Mexico national women's team in the final, coming from behind to seal a 24-20 victory over the visiting side.

The Abbotsford elite men played the Youngbucks of Vancouver in the final and were unable to get past the team they had tied in pool play. The Youngbucks took home some cash and a set of jerseys. In the social division, the Youngbucks/Ravens social team took on Burnaby and managed to earn the win, gaining a set of t-shirts and some cash.

The Abbotsford Rugby Club thanks all those who attended and volunteered at the event! Read on for scores.



Youngbucks (19) vs Meralomas (12)
Abbotsford (24) vs Burnaby Lake (19)
Mearlomas (14) vs Abbotsford (26)
Burnaby Lake (loss) vs Youngbucks (win)
Abbotsford (19) vs Younbucks (19)
Burnaby Lake (win) vs Meralomas (loss)

Youngbucks (win) vs Meralomas (loss)
Abbotsford (10) vs Burnaby (0)

Abbotsford (12) vs Youngbucks (24)


Abbotsford (66) vs Burnaby (0)
Meralomas (0) vs Mexico (27)
Meralomas (0) vs Abbotsford (36)
Mexico (47) vs Burnaby (0)
Abbotsford (24) vs Mexico (12)
Burnaby (21) vs Meralomas (7)

Abbotsford (70) vs Meralomas (5)
Mexico (47) vs Burnaby (0)

Abbotsford (24) vs Mexico (21)


Pool A
Burnaby (29) vs. Finnegan's (26)
Phoenix (28) vs. Broins (7)
Finnegan's (42) vs. Phoenix (10)
Burnaby (37) vs. Phoenix (19)
Finnegan's (31) vs. Broins (12)
Broins (forfeit) vs. Burnaby (win)

Pool B
Meralomas (47) vs PANORU (7)
Youngbucks/Ravens (26) vs Abby Maple Leafs (17)
Abby Maple Leafs (10) vs Meralomas (19)
PANORU (36) vs. Youngbucks/Ravens (5)
PANORU (7) vs. Abby Maple Leafs (35)
Meralomas (12) vs. Youngbucks/Ravens (38)

Phoenix (won boat race) vs. PANORU
Abby Maple Leafs (won) vs. Broins (loss - forfeit)

Burnaby (win) vs. Meralomas (loss)
Ravens/Younbucks (33) vs. Finnegan's (12)

Burnaby (19) vs. Ravens/Youngbucks (31)

Abby Maple Leafs (won) vs. Phoenix (loss)


For more information, see the Abbotsford News Article.


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