bc rugbyMany Abbotsford players have made BC Teams this summer with more age groups yet to be announced. Congratulations to those local players who have been selected. Many of these athletes are paying between $1000-2000 to attend nationals and could use any community support available. If you are interested in donating to help sponsor an athlete, please contact Jen Ross, our youth director.

Read on to see which local players have made provincials teams. So far names have been release for U-18 (10 Abby) and U-16 women (6 Abby plus Jen Ross as coach), as well as U-17 (4 Abby) and U-16 men (5 Abby). Congrats!


BC U18 Women's Roster for 2014 National Festival

Name (School / Club) 
Maira Acevedo (Elgin Park) 
Ciel Arbour-Boehme (Brentwood College / Cowichan Rugby Club) 
Cassie Baldo (Earl Marriott Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)
Georgia Bellamy (GP Vanier / Campbell River AA)
Nicole Crowley (UVic Vikes)*
Sheridan Davis (Lake City / Williams Lake)
Gurpreet Dhaliwal (Abbotsford Senior / Abbotsford RFC)
Autumn Garrett (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Madi Gold (GP Vanier)
Taiid Haines-Young (Elgin Park / Bayside AA) 
Jennifer Lemon (Brentwood College)
Nakisa Levale (Abbotsford Senior / Abbotsford RFC)
Amara Lowney (Abbotsford Senior / Abbotsford RFC)
Chantal MacLean (Clayton Heights / Abbotsford RFC)
Alexa Martin (Elgin Park / Bayside AA)*
Hannah Morten (Cowichan Secondary / Cowichan Rugby Club)
Brooklyn Navarrete (Brentwood College / Cowichan Rugby Club)* 
Chrissa Perez (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)*
Adrienne Saari (Cowichan Secondary / Cowichan Rugby Club)*
Lauren Sargent (GP Vanier / Comox Kickers) 
Avishang Sharabi (Brentwood College)
Sydney Stoltz (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)
Lydia Toorenburgh (Stelly’s Secondary / Velox RFC)
Morgan Walker (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Kadeja White (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
*Denotes returning players from 2013 Nationals squad

BC U16 Women's Roster for 2014 National Festival
Sophia Belsher (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Tanika Bonneville (Elgin Park / Bayside AA) 
Mackenzie Carson (Yale Secondary)
Sophie DeGoede (Castaway Wanderers) 
Zoe DeFaveri (Windsor / Capilano RFC)
Danika Elias (Sardis Secondary) 
Dawson German (GP Vanier)
McKenna Haz (Brentwood College)
Sage Homeniuk (Lord Tweedsmuir) 
Camille Irvine (Claremont Secondary / Castaway Wanderers RFC)
Vivianna Johnson (Heritage Park) 
Sofie Kennedy (Stelly’s Secondary / Castaway Wanderers) 
Morgan King-Roskamp (Heritage Park / Abbotsford RFC)
Sarah-Ann Klok (Yale Secondary) 
Tausani Levale (Abbotsford Senior / Abbotsford RFC)
Jordyn Myers (Walnut Grove / Langley RFC)
Emma Pfleiderer (Lake City Secondary) 
Laura Pfleiderer (Lake City Secondary)
McKenzie Saysell (Ladysmith / Cowichan Rugby Club) 
Jordynn Senay (Lord Tweedsmuir / Langley RFC)
Berlyn Seselja (Semiahmoo Secondary / Bayside AA)
Shaye Tudor (Claremeont Secondary / Castaway Wanderers RFC) 
Morgan Ursel (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Carleigh Walters (Lake City Secondary)
Jodi-Ann Wang (Semiahmoo / Bayside AA) 

Team Staff:
Head Coach: Jen Ross
Assistant Coach: Buffy Cornell
Manager: Amber Garrett 
Athletic Therapist: Jennifer Hewko

BC HappyWater U17 provincial squad
Name (School / Club) 
Noah Bain (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)
Callum Botchar (Magee / UBCOB Ravens) 
Jackson Claridge (Rockridge / Capilano RFC) (C)
Liam Doll ( Carson Graham / Capilano RFC)
Nick Frost ( Collingwood / Capilano RFC)
Nick Gamracy (South Kamloops Secondary / Kamloops Rugby Club) 
Luc Hansen-Boucher (Lord Byng / UBCOB Ravens)
Keenan Houde (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA) 
Fraser Hurst (St. George’s / Vancouver Rowing Club) 
Kevin Johnston (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA) 
Tyrone Karius (Handsworth / Capilano RFC)
Cody Kehler (Clayton Heights / Brit Lions) 
Liam Morrison (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA) 
Liam Murray (Brookswood / Langley RFC)
Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper / Burnaby Lake RC) 
Riley Savard (Port Alberni / Port Alberni Black Sheep ) 
Joe Sourisseau (St. George’s / Capilano RFC) 
Chase Taylor-Robins (Rockridge / Capilano RFC) 
Josh Thiel (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Jake Thiel (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Tamar Tucker-Harrison (St. George’s School / Capilano RFC)
Taitusi Vikilani (Burnaby Central / Burnaby Lake RC)
Austen Zacher (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC) 
Colton Derouin (Brookswood / Langley RFC) 

Team Staff
Head Coach - Curry Hitchborn
Assistant Coach - Ken Erikson 
Manager - Peter Parke
Athletic Therapist - Jon Obertas

BC U16-Gold (BC-1) Men’s Roster
Riley Burns (West Van / Capilano RFC) 
Chris Combs (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)^^
Elias Ergas (Collingwood / Capilano RFC)*^^
Wylie Gillette (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA)^^
Flynn Heyes (Carson Graham / Capilano RFC) 
Sam Hughes (Handsworth / Capilano RFC) 
Kyle Joe (Cowichan Secondary / Cowichan Rugby Club)*^^
Gavin Kratz (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)*^^
Josh Long (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)^^
Michael Mann (South Delta / Brit Lions)^^
Logan Martin-Feek (Claremont / Velox RFC)^^
Charlie Moore (South Delta / Brit Lions)
Tyler Nylander (Carson Graham / Capilano RFC) 
Nick Pearce (Argyle / Capilano RFC)
Brennig Prevost (Glen-Lyon Norfolk / Castaway Wanderers RFC)^^
James Richards (Lake City / Falcons)
Will Sauder (St. George’s / Vancouver Rowing Club)^^
Jackson Silvester-Lee (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA)  
Michael Smith (Earl Marriott)^^
Christoph Stangl (Carson Graham / Capilano RFC)
Jared Thind (Southridge / Bayside AA) ^^
Sam Turner (St. George’s / Vancouver Rowing Club) 
Lucas de Vries (St. Michael’s / Nanaimo Hornets)^^
David Wensley (West Van / Capilano RFC)
Colton Zayshley (Lord Tweedsmuir) 
*Denotes returning player from 2013 season
^^ Denotes graduates of U14-U15 BC Rugby provincial programs

Team Staff:
Head Coach: Mike Stiles
Assistant Coach: Danny Weidner
Manager: John Smith
Athletic Therapist: Alvin Tseng


2014 BC U16-Blue (BC-2) Nationals Schedule
All matches played at Calgary Rugby Park (Kickoffs in MST)
Tues. Aug 5, 10:30am: BC-2 vs New Brunswick
Wed. Aug 6, 12:00pm: BC-2 vs Ontario-2
Thurs. Aug 7, 4:30pm: Ontario-1 vs BC-2
Sat. Aug 9, TBC: Playoff Rounds
Sun. Aug 10, TBC: Playoff Rounds

BC U16-Blue (BC-2) Men’s Roster 
Nathan Bice (Shawnigan Lake School)
Matt Calderone (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Kyle Clarke (Claremont Secondary)
Spencer Cooper (St. George’s / Vancouver Rowing Club) 
Dillon Cusker (New Westminster / Burnaby Lake RC)^^
Rhys Daniels (McRoberts / Richmond RFC)
Raphael Espejo (Charles Tupper / Burnaby Lake RC)^^
Matt Francoeur (Robert Bateman / Abbotsford RFC)
Matthew Fraser (Yale Secondary / Abbotsford RFC)^^
Ryan Hanley (West Van / Capilano RFC)
Alex Hedley (Francis Kelsey / Cowichan Rugby Club)
John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott / Bayside AA)
Connor King (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)
Chayanne Khodabandeh (Burnaby North / Burnaby Lake RC)^^
Jake Lan (Rockridge / Capilano RFC)
Callum Masterton (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)
Karl Mattison (Francis Kelsey / Cowichan Rugby Club) 
Connor McGarry (Francis Kelsey / Cowichan Rugby Club)
Nicolas Mouret (Shawnigan Lake School)
Seth Purdey (Shawnigan Lake School)
Jonas Robinson (Saint Michael’s / Castaway Wanderers RFC)^^
Brandon Schellenberger (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)^^
Brayden Tate (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)^^
Cameron Tomm (WJ Mouat)
Carter White (Oak Bay / Castaway Wanderers RFC)
^^ Denotes graduates of U14-U15 BC Rugby provincial programs

Team Staff:
Head Coach: Chris Haynes
Assistant Coach: Bruce Rainer
Manager: Leana Marton
Athletic Therapist: Jennifer Hewko

BC U-14 Boys

BC Gold
1. Chris Lewis (Vancouver Rowing Club)
2. Ryan Rankers (Bayside AA) 
3. Michael Nakleh (Meraloma) 
4. Jarvis Dashkewytch (Brit Lions) 
5. Caden Ward (Meraloma) 
6. Cole Barker (Abbotsford RFC)
7. Piers von Dadelszen (Meraloma)
8. Sachi Peterson (Abbotsford)
9. Carter Miller (Abbotsford RFC)
10. Sam Sirlin (Vancouver Rowing Club) 
11. Cam Bruk (Capilano RFC)
12. James MacDonald (Bayside AA)
13. Teo DeGianni (Abbotsford RFC)
14. Ryan Agyagos (Capilano RFC)
15. Michael Calvert (Brit Lions) 
16. Jack Allen (Capilano RFC)
17. Gavin Kilpatrick
18. Connor Way
19. Kieran Cortes (Brit Lions)
20. Siaki Vikilani (Burnaby Lake RC)
21. Luke Wooldridge (Capilano RFC)
22. Ciaran Breen (Castaway Wanderers RFC)

BC White
1. Lee Wang (Capilano RFC)
2. Matthew Terry (Meraloma) 
3. Tate Mcintosh (Ridge Meadows Bruins) 
4. Brock McCartney (Abbotsford)
5. Euan Cave 
6. Jacob Bossi (Velox RFC)
7. Caylem Chambers (Surrey Beavers)
8. Conor Hills (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
9. Nathan Filiatrault (Surrey Beavers)
10. Reece Tudor-Jones (Cowichan RC)
11.  Lachlan Kratz (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
12. Devin Fennerty (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
13. Henry Snow
14. Michael Espejo (Burnaby Lake RC)
15. Nolan Young (Campbell River AA)
16. Cooper Powell 
17. Nolan Sievert (Velox RFC)
18. Nick Sauder (Vancouver Rowing Club)
19. Michael Lindroos (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
20.Cason Clairade
21. JT Boehme (Velox RFC)
22. Ethan Turner (Burnaby Lake RC)
23. Alex Gimenez

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