WEB-BC-U16-GoldThe National Rugby Festival happened Aug 7-11 at UBC. It was a busy tournament with U-18, U-16 and U-14 boys divisions, as well as U-18 and U-16 girls divisions. BC won the U-16 boys and U-16 girls divisions, and came 2nd in the other three divisions.

Many local Abbotsford players were involved in the tournament. Josh Thiel was named bcrugbynews MVP of the tournament as the captain of the BC U-16 team.

Please read on for a list of local players involved with each team, as well as related articles.

BC Bears Men's Team (competing in ARC competition)


Chris Chalmers
Aaron Flagg
Clayton Meeres

BC Women's U-20 (won gold at NWL Finals)

Meagan Chambers
Shaylene Patterson
Elyssa Phillipson
Kayla Van Veld

BC U-19 Men (won gold at nationals)

Sebastian Gibson
Jorden Sandover-Best

BC U-18 Men (won silver at nationals)

Jason Hignell (Yale)
Spencer Miller (Yale)
Judah Ratzlaff (Yale)
Louis Retief (Sardis)

BC U-18 Girls (won silver at nationals)

Sophia DeGianni (Yale)
Lauren Kerr (Bateman)
Kay Olsen (Bateman)
Chrissa Perez (Yale)
Tiffany Picketts (Abby)
Shelby Pihl (Abby)

BC U-17 Men (competed in U-18 division)

Noah Jensen (Bateman)
Ayden Kirkpatrick (Yale)

BC U-16 Gold Men (won gold at Nationals)

Noah Bain (Yale)
Jake Thiel (Bateman)
Josh Thiel (Bateman)

BC U-16 Blue Men (finished 3rd at Nationals)

Jay Lee (Bateman)

BC U-16 Women Gold (won gold at nationals)

Sophia Belsher (Bateman)
Mackenzie Carson (Yale)
Autumn Garrett (Bateman)
Keera Grabbe (Mouat)
Nakisa Levale (Abby)
Katrina Moorthy (Langley Fine Arts)
Emily Pollastretti (Yale)
Vienna Schroeder (Abby)
Sydney Stoltz (Yale)
Morgan Walker (Bateman)
Rachelle Wenting (Hansen)

BC U-15 Boys (competed in U-16 division of PRC's)

Chris Combs (Yale)
Josh Long (Yale)
Adiao Spathelfer (Bateman)
Jaden Towson (Bateman) 

BC U-14 Boys (won silver at nationals)

Israel Bain (Fraser Middle)
Carter Miller (Fraser Middle)
Jayden Ned (Fraser Middle)
Diego Zuniga (Fraser Middle)

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More information also available at www.nationalfestivalrugby.com




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