arfc logo2011 marked another active year for rugby in Abbotsford and the surrounding area. Hundreds of boys and girls from grades 6-12 were involved in local school rugby programs, as many teams continue to expand and develop their rugby skills.

At the senior high school level, there were 5 boys’ teams competing, as well as Heritage Park from Mission and Aldergrove Community School. The Abbotsford schools included Yale, Robert Bateman, Hansen, Mouat and Abby Collegiate

In the Provincial AAA division, Yale tied their best historic performance finishing 6th. Bateman ended the season at 9th in the same division. In the AA division, Hansen had a great year finishing 4th and Aldergrove completed the season just behind them in 5th. Mouat, Abby, and Heritage Park all worked to build their programs throughout the season.

The inception of a new seven’s initiative this year saw several players earn regional 7’s representation honors, including Jorden Best (Bateman), Spencer Loughlin (Yale), and Spencer Miller (Yale). Justin Douglas (Bateman) and Jorden Best were also involved with the Canada U-17 program.

At the senior girls level, 4 teams competed from Abbotsford, as well as Heritage Park and Aldergrove. Abbotsford teams included Abbotsford Collegiate, Rick Hansen, Robert Bateman and Yale Secondary. Heritage Park had a fantastic season and won the AA division, earning the title of 2011 AA BC Champions. Abbotsford Collegiate came 5th in the same division and Robert Bateman won the Tier 2 division. Rick Hansen, Yale, and Aldergrove worked hard to develop their programs in hopes of pursuing future accolades.

Abbotsford teams experienced much success at the junior level as well with 4 competitive teams in action, including Rick Hansen, Mouat, Bateman, as well as Heritage Park and Aldergrove. Yale and Bateman clashed in the Valley final where the Bateman Timberwolves were able to tame the Lions.

In Grade 8 action, Abbotsford schools were again competitive. In the boys’ division, four Abbotsford schools competed in the local league, including Abby, Reimer, Fraser and Clayburn. Betty Gilbert from Aldergrove was also in the league. Clayburn won the city championship, while Betty Gilbert won the Upper Valley’s. Clayburn went on to finish 3rd in the Valley’s with Abby finishing 5th and Betty Gilbert 8th. For the first time, there was also a grade 7 league this year that featured Clayburn, Fraser and Abby. Fraser managed to win the final tournament.

The Abbotsford Grade 8 girls’ league saw six local teams competing for the Upper Fraser Valley championship, including Abby, Howe, W.A. Fraser, Reimer, Clayburn, and Heritage Park. Reimer managed to defeat Clayburn to win the championship while Fraser topped Abby in the semi-final.

The ARFC ran its annual 7’s tournament again this year on April 29 at Yale. With 30 teams competing in 5 divisions, there were some fantastic matches. Final winners included Yale edging out Mouat for the senior boys championship, Bateman winning the senior girls title, Yale winning the junior cup, Reimer winning the grade 8 boys championship, and Reimer securing the grade 8 girls division.

With the help of local coaches, officials and designated club members, the Abbotsford Rugby Club has selected a senior boys All-City team from nominated players from each school. It has also selected an All-City team for each playing level, comprised of five players from each school who showed outstanding commitment and skill throughout the season. Heritage Park and Aldergrove are included in this group as many of its players are involved with the Abbotsford Rugby Club.

The Abbotsford Rugby Club is very proud of the Abbotsford school athletes, teams and coaches, and would like to congratulate them for their successes both on and off the field. Congratulations to all successful 2011 recipients.

Senior Boys All-City Team 2011

Paul Ahn (Yale)            Prop
Ryan March (Bateman)        Prop
Caleb Reardon (Yale)            Prop
Geremy Alvarado (Bateman)        Prop
DJ Thiessen (Bateman)        Hooker
Tanner Dunlop (Yale)         Lock
Tyler Barons (Yale)            Lock
Curtis Dowding (Heritage)        Lock
Jordan Puckrin (Yale)            Flanker
Eric Olsen (Hansen)            Flanker
Josh Kwiatkowski (Aldergrove)    Flanker
JD Paul (Mouat)            Flanker
Jonathan Parkin (Yale)         #8
Jorden Best (Bateman)        Scrumhalf
Connor Hunter (Aldergrove)         Stand Off
Byce Hewko (Yale)            Stand Off
Brandon Jobb (Yale)            Center
Christian Styles (Yale)        Center
Lucas Harder (Hansen)        Center
Tyson Appeldoorn (Mouat)        Wing
Justin Douglas (Bateman)        Wing
Dallas Yassinsky (Abby)        Wing
Doug Saunders (Aldergrove)        Wing
Daniel McCutcheon (Hansen)        Fullback
Michael Rose (Bateman)        Fullback

Sr. Girls All-City

Abby Collegiate
Jacquie Tourand            Prop
Jessica Sabourin            Hook
Joyce Tran                Center
Lauren Arthur            Stand Off
Tiffany Picketts            #8

Kayla Singleton            Hook
Ginger Broatch            Back Row
Devan Cosens            Stand Off
Toriah Aslin            Center
Ashley Kazakoff            Lock

Robert Bateman
Madison Borrows        #8
Kali Desjardins            Scrum Half
Sheldon Harder            Flanker
Sarah Miller            Center
Melody Kotze            Prop
Heritage Park
Erin Chambers            Stand Off
Hillary Novakoski        #8
Chelsea Fowler            Hook
Mackenzie Fowler        Center/Wing
Kyla McKinstry            Flanker
Maggie Stoberg            Prop

Rick Hansen
Grace Okello            Flanker
Hayley Olson            Flanker
Shay Patterson            #8
Tayler Moran            Fullback
Sabrina Rai                Stand Off

Annabel Arnott            Stand Off
Mallory Dieno            Lock
Laura Peters            #8
Erica Van Ginkel            Center
Danielle Elliott            Fullback

Junior Boys All-City

Will Foss                #8
Tristan Buchner            Flanker
Pietro Romegioli            Center
Will Sitter                Scrum Half
Tanner Cumiskey        Stand Off
Heritage Park
Jason Hignell            Stand Off
Kiefor Ziefflie            Hook
James Ra                Lock
Thomas Reed            Fullback
Connor O’Brien            Wing
Sheridan Lawley            Center
Shawn Gauba            Prop
Steven Baker            Flanker
Manpreet Chhina            Scrum Half
Tanvir Brar                Prop
Rick Hansen
Alex Ho                Stand Off
Brandon Ho            Flanker
Arsh Gill                #8
Lucas Schwabb            Scrum Half
Johnny Ly                Lock
Robert Bateman
Kent Hicks                Prop
Eric Roberts            Stand off
Trenton Chard            Center
Jason Kim                #8
John Beckerleg            Fullback

Ryan Barclay            Wing
Spencer Miller            Scrum Half
Jimmy Ahn            Flanker
Keegan Carson            Flanker
Kevin Davisson            Hook

Grade 8 Boys

Abby Middle
Pranav Arya            Prop
Michael Normand        Back Row
Michael Spicer            Scrum Half
Phil Cromwell            Stand Off
Grayson Marquadt        Center
Betty Gilbert
Josh Thiel                Stand Off
Jake Thiel                #8
Sang Nguyen            Flanker
Nathan Dahl            Fullback
Josh Desrosiers            Center

Clayburn Middle
Chad Gregoire            Flanker
Austen Zacher            #8
Charlie Berard            Scrum Half
Dilvir Brar                Stand Off
Matt Keis                Prop
Eugene Reimer Middle
Hamza Shah            Wing
Daniel Cercel            Flanker
Matt Cercel                Prop
Riley Garrett            #8
Kirat Badesha            Fullback

W. A. Fraser Middle
Ryan Chandler            Prop
Nic Ponak                #8
Jakob Larsen            Stand Off
Noah Bain                Center
Nolan Easton            Lock

Grade 7 Boys

Abby Middle
Kyle Davis                Stand Off
Riley Nicholson            Lock
Nick Dickson            Wing
Landon Timmerman        Lock
Josh Paz                Scrum Half

W. A. Fraser Middle
Chris Combs            #8
Jake Smith                Scrum Half
Marshall Skapski            Center
Brady Utas                Center
Matthew Ponte            Stand Off

Grade 8 Girls

Abby Middle
Hailey Smith            Scrum Half
Lauren Soto            Stand Off
Kiran Cheema            Stand Off
Tina Ngo                Hook
Reena Grewal            #8

Clayburn Middle
Cassidy Ross            Center
Sophia Belsher            Scrum Half
Paige Thompson            Prop
Breanne Sharpe            Prop
Autumn Garrett            Stand Off

Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle
Hannah Woodcock        Scrum Half
Hailey Jameus            #8
Kaylona Leggio            Flanker
Simran Chaina            Center
Erin Abbot                Stand Off

Eugene Reimer Middle
Hope Anumba            #8
Emma Livingstone        Wing
Revine Gill                Center
Monica Annecchini        Prop
Maddy Richards            Scrum Half

Heritage Park
Olivia Carpenter            Stand Off
Carrie Sibrin            Flanker
Cyprys Wales            #8
Meagan Keys            Hook
Amber Diselet            Flank

W. A. Fraser Middle
Chrissa Perez            #8
Katrina Moorthy            Wing
Mackenzie Carson        Scrum Half
Emily Pollastretti            Lock
Alex Latimer            Stand Off

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