It's that time of year again to register for youth rugby. We have changed the process a bit this year with online registration. Please visit the youth rugby team pages for complete details.

Congratulations to Scott Adrian!  Scott has won this years full membership dues for entering in the Early Bird Draw and having his club membership registration completed online and submitted before August 23.  Next year we hope to have more draws for Fall rugby (2010) during our registration in spring of 2010.

  • Registration is still available!
  • 6:30 - 9:00 PM AT THE ARFC CLUB HOUSE

Youth Club Registration Form  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9)

*Please submit club registration via the submit button provided on the form only.  There will also be other registration forms required.  Please print off the registration package and return on Monday Sept.14 to the ARFC Club House between 6:30 and 9:00pm.

Youth Registration Package  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9)


U-19 Boys ('91, '92 birth years)

    * Informal training sessions have begun on Tues/Thurs from 5:45 to 7pm at Ex Park
    * Official practices will start Tues, August 25 at Ex Park at 5pm and run Tues/Thurs
    * Games are on Saturdays at 10am. Home games are at Exhibition Park.

U-17 Boys ('93 birth years)

    * Practices will start Mon, Aug 31 - more details will be announced soon
    * Games are on Sundays normally at 12:30pm. Home games are at Exhibition Park.

U-16 Boys ('94 birth years)

    * Practices will start Mon, Aug 31 - more details will be announced soon
    * Games are on Sundays normally at 11:45am. Home games are at Exhibition Park.

U-15 Boys ('95 birth years)

    * Practices will start Mon, Aug 31 - more details will be announced soon
    * Games are on Sundays normally at 10:30am. Home games are at Exhibition Park.

 * Practice time and locations may change according to coach and player availability


COST TO PLAY 2009-10 (Sept 1 to Aug 31): $175 (Cheques to ARFC)
* please note that if money is an issue, please come out and talk to the coach about options

PLAYING FEES: The cost to play rugby this year is $175. This price includes registration and insurance through Rugby Canada ($115), referees, year end banquet and awards, and helps subsidize operating costs, such as balls, equipment, medical supplies, field paint etc.  This fee has increased slightly since last year as Rugby Canada increased the insurance rates.

JERSEYS: If players do not own a jersey, they must purchase one at the online Kukri store coming soon. The jerseys are new this year from Kukri, but the same design as previous years. 

SHORTS: Players will need black shorts. These can be purchased independently or players can purchase ARFC black Kukri shorts for available at the online store coming soon. Soccerwest on George Ferguson Way also sells black shorts.

SOCKS: Players will need red socks. These can be purchased at Soccerwest on George Ferguson Way or through the Kukri online store coming soon.

MOUTH GUARD: It is mandatory that players wear a mouth guard on game days. Mouth guards molded at the dentist are most comfortable and can be acquired at Venier Dental or most dental offices. Soccerwest on George Ferguson Way also sells mouth guards.

CLEATS: Players will need cleats, especially in wet weather. We recommend having a pair with long studs for the fall season. Many rugby players wear soccer cleats. Metal cleats are fine as long as they do not have a toe cleat (football cleats) or sharp metal (some baseball cleats). Cleats can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, including Soccerwest on George Ferguson Way.

OPTIONAL GEAR (SHOULDER PADS, HEAD GEAR AND STICK MITS): Some players choose to wear additional safety gear, but these items are not mandatory. Items such as shoulder pads and head gear offer additional protection and some players find stick mits help with handling. These items are available at Soccerwest on George Ferguson.

OPTIONAL CLOTHING: It is recommended that players have clothing for all types of weather. Practices are rain or shine, so track suits and practice jerseys that can get dirty may help athletes perform in cold weather. Some players also like to wear 'sliders' or spandex shorts under their rugby shorts, which again is optional. Soccerwest carries such items and will also be carrying a variety of ARFC apparel items in September. 

Please contact The ARFC youth Development Officer with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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