The first Abbotsford International Sevens Tournament has come to an end and was a great success. With close to 2000 people in attendance and 16 teams from four countries playing, it was a great day of rugby in Abbotsford and an exciting day for rugby in the Pacific Northwest. The organizers are keen to make it an annual event with even more international teams next year.

The day wrapped up with Kenya edging out Canada by two points to take the Elite title and the $5000 prize. Canada Alumni beat Lionheart Se7en in the Domestic Final to win the $1000 prize. Tournament MVP's were Collins Injera of Kenya in the Elite Division with his exciting play and 6 tournament tries and Dan Harlow of Canada Alumni in the Domestic Division who scored an amazing 12 tries in 5 games.

Thank you to all those who attended and supported the event! Please read on for all scores and more details about the tournament. Click here for Abbotsford Pictures from the tournament.

See the latest articles in the Abbotsford News here and the Abbotsford Times here



From Back Left: Lawrence Davies, Nick Thiessen, Dan Helm, Konrad Rybkowski, Scott Giebelhaus, Kurtis Appeldoorn, Doug Primrose (Coach), Graeme MacRury, Chris Chalmers; Front Left: Thomas Agafonow, Some Heather, Chris Gilding, Lucas de Beer



Canada Alumni 56 Pacific Islanders 0
Brits 24 Scribes 5
Lionheart 47 Del Rey 7
Surrey 32 Wizards 0

Brits 33 Pacific Islanders 0
Canada Alumni 47 Scribes 7
Del Rey 22 Wizards 7
Lionheart 39 Surrey 7

Scribes 17 Pacific Islanders 0
Canada Alumni 35 Brits 14
Surrey 26 Del Rey 24
Lionheart 36 Wizards 12

Semi Final - Canada Alumni 58 Surrey 0
Semi Final - Lionheart 39 Brits 19

Final - Canada Alumni 19 Lionheart 12

Domestic Division MVP ($500) - Dan Harlow of Canada Alumni


West Indies 24 Young Bucks 15
OPS 14 Burnaby 12
Canada Selects 43 Abbotsford 0
Kenya 19 Bayside 7

OPS 14 Young Bucks 12
West Indies 17 Burnaby 14
Kenya 33 Abbotsford 0
Canada 41 Bayside 0

Burnaby 36 Young Bucks 7
OPS 26 West Indies 22
Bayside 33 Abbotsford 19
Canada 21 Kenya 19

Semi Final - Kenya 19 OPS 0
Semi Final - Canada 14 West Indies 12

Final - Kenya 12 Canada 10

Elite Division MVP ($1000) - Collins Injera of Kenya 

Abbotsford's own Bryn Keys playing for Canada.

Abbotsford's Chris Chalmers looks to fend Kenya's Collins Injera. 

There was a capping ceremony at 5pm during which past Canada players were honoured for their rugby contributions to their country. The 5 players honoured on this occasion were Joe Haley, Nick Milau, Brian Mosychuk (missing from picture), Jon Thiel, and Shane Thompson.

Canada players and capped players Joe Haley, Jon Thiel, Nick Milau, and Shane Thompson (from left)

The Abbotsford Rugby Club and the tournament organizing committee want to pass on a huge thank you to all teams for attending the inaugural event. We want to thank Douglas Okero, Donna Bernard and Summer Dhillon who were the organizers that made the event happen. Thanks to Doug Primrose and other Abbotsford Rugby Club members who were behind the rugby organization of the event. We want to thank Dave Pue for organizing the referees, and Bruce Kuklinski and the panel of referees who were fantastic on the day.

Thank you to the international teams who came a long way to add to the competitiveness of the tournament and demonstrate their rugby skills. It was evident that the level of talent among the various teams was outstanding, particularly between the top teams who played some extremely entertaining matches. We appreciate the standard of play set in the first year of the tournament and again thank teams for their efforts on the day.

We also want to thank Surrey for getting a team together with less than a week's notice after a late withdrawal, and thanks to the Young Bucks and Abbotsford for agreeing to move up into the elite division against their original desires when the withdrawal required some team shuffling.

With close to 2000 people in attendance and 16 teams from four countries playing, it was a great day of rugby in Abbotsford and an exciting day for rugby in BC and Canada. The organizers are keen to make it an annual event with more international teams next year.

Thanks again to everyone for a great day!


The Abbotsford Rugby 7's are upon us and schedules have been finalized. Rosters have also been announced for most teams. The West Indies team has been in town since Tuesday and have been attracting quite a crowd wherever they go. They had a training session with the Abbotsford 7's team on Tuesday evening and did a training session and youth camp at Heritage Park in Mission on Wednesday. Kenya arrived early Friday morning with the Canada squads coming in Friday afternoon. The Canada coaches, players and alumni ran a clinic for youth players on Friday afternoon.

The pools have been set with 8 teams in the Elite division and 8 teams in the Domestic division. A late withdraw from the Meraloma club and a shift in divisions by the Lionheart team has moved the Young Bucks and the Abbotsford team into the Elite Division to test the waters. We thank these teams for agreeing to move into the more competitive division on short notice.

The 7's event will showcase a variety of entertainment options to compliment the fast paced rugby. There is a family zone with facepainting, a bouncy castle, a "misting station" and much more. The far end of the pitch will feature a beer garden with a live DJ spinning tracks the whole day. The BC Lions Felines will be in attendance, and local dance and gymnastics students will be performing in the opening ceremonies. Also, there will be a capping ceremony in which players who have represented Canada will receive and actual cap for the first time they played for Canada, an honour called a 'cap'.

Please visit the Abbotsford Times and Abbotsford News for recent articles on the event.

See for the official event site.

Mark Bryant has put together a great compilation of rosters and the schedule at so please visit here to download this document. Programs will be available at the event with schedules and rosters as well.

We look forward to an outstanding tournament and hope to see many spectators enjoying a fantastic day of rugby in the summer sun!

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