arfc logoAbbotsford school rugby teams had another successful year in 2010. Hundreds of boys and girls were active from grades 6-12 in Abbotsford school rugby programs, as many teams continue to expand and develop their rugby skills.

At the senior high school level, there were 5 boys’ teams competing, as well as Heritage Park from Mission. The Abbotsford schools finished as 4 of the top 5 schools in the Valley with Yale, Robert Bateman, Mouat, Hansen and Heritage Park all qualifying for provincials. Abbotsford Collegiate worked through a rebuilding year in hopes of gaining a provincial berth in the upcoming season.

In the Provincial AAA division, Robert Bateman finished 7th, Yale finished 8th, Mouat finished 13, and Rick Hansen finished 16th. In the AA division, Heritage Park finished 13th in the province. Earlier in the year, four Abbotsford players earned the honour of being selected to the Canada U-17 program, including Tyler Barons (Yale), Justin Douglas (Bateman), Ryan March (Bateman), and Christian Styles (Yale).

At the senior girls level, 4 teams competed from Abbotsford, as well as Heritage Park from Mission. Abbotsford teams included Abbotsford Collegiate, Rick Hansen, Robert Bateman and Yale Secondary. Robert Bateman had a fantastic season and won the AA division, earning the title of 2010 AA BC Champions. Heritage Park also had a strong season finishing 3rd in the province in AA. Abby Collegiate came on strong at the provincials to finish 4th in the AAA division. Rick Hansen and Yale had rebuilding years and will look to next year for provincial accolades.

Abbotsford teams experienced much success at the junior level as well with 5 competitive teams in action, including Rick Hansen, Mouat, Bateman, Yale and Abby Collegiate, as well as Heritage Park from Mission. Abbotsford Traditional also had an exhibition team that played in the Abbotsford 7’s. All schools had very competitive teams with Yale running two teams for the 3rd year. Hansen, Mouat and Yale all had close battles throughout the season. Bateman won the city championship and lost in overtime to Earl Marriott to come 2nd in the Fraser Valley. Yale finished 3rd and Mouat finished 4th.

In Grade 8 action, Abbotsford schools were again very strong this year. In the boys’ division, five Abbotsford schools competed in the local league, including Abby, Reimer, Howe, and two teams from both W.A. Fraser and Clayburn. Heritage Park was also in the league. Reimer won city championship, while Fraser was able to beat Reimer to win the Fraser Valley Championship. Clayburn beat Heritage in the consolation final to secure 3rd, putting Abbotsford and Mission schools as the top 4 in the Valley. Howe finished 8th.

The Abbotsford Grade 8 girls’ league saw six local teams competing for the Upper Fraser Valley championship, including Abby, W.A. Fraser, Reimer, Clayburn, Chief Dan, and Heritage Park. Fraser Middle managed to defeat Clayburn in a tight battle to win the championship.

The ARFC ran its annual 7’s tournament again this year on April 30 at Yale. With 30 teams competing in 5 divisions, there were some fantastic matches. Final winners included Robert Bateman edging out Yale for the senior boys championship, Bateman winning the senior girls title, Bateman winning the junior cup, W. A. Fraser winning the grade 8 boys championship as well as the Fraser Valley 7’s, and Clayburn securing the grade 8 girls division.

In conjunction with coaches, the Abbotsford Rugby Club has selected a senior boys All-City team that will play a touring side in July. It has also selected an All-City team for each playing level, comprised of five players from each school who showed outstanding commitment and skill throughout the season. Heritage Park from Mission is included in this group, as are Aldergrove grade 8’s as many of its players are involved with the Abbotsford Rugby Club.

The Abbotsford Rugby Club is very proud of the Abbotsford school athletes, teams and coaches, and would like to applaud them for their successes both on and off the field. Congratulations to all successful 2010 recipients.

Senior Boys All-City Team 2010

(to play a touring side from Wales at the Abbotsford  International 7’s, Saturday, July 24)

Paul Ahn (Yale)        Prop
Ryan March (Bateman)    Prop
Matt Turcotte (Bateman)    Prop
Darwin Guevara (Heritage)    Hooker
Eric Horrex (Mouat)        Hooker
Tyler Barons (Yale)         Lock
Alan Makarewicz (Yale)    Lock
Nathan Sandhu (Mouat)    Lock
Matt Bianchini (Yale)        Flanker
Eric Olsen (Hansen)        Flanker
Jared Douglas    (Bateman)    Eighth
Mike Neufeld (Bateman)    Flanker
Jared Johnston     (Yale)     Scrum Half
Brad Levasseur (Heritage)    Scrum Half
Bryce Hewko (Yale)        Flyhalf
Patty Shields (Mouat)        Flyhalf
Tyson Appeldorn (Mouat)    Center
Kris Baranowski (Yale)    Center
Joel Schmidt (Yale)        Center
Mike Tebbett (Bateman)    Center
Chris Calderon (Yale)        Wing
Cole Delorme    (Heritage)    Wing
Christian Styles (Yale)    Wing
Jordan Tait-Comis (Heritage)    Fullback
Odell Brown (Yale)        Fullback

Sr. Girls All-City

Abby Collegiate
Maegan Pauls            Flanker
Diana Bonilla             Center
Alanna Kaetler          Prop
Jacquie Tourand       Prop
Jessica Sabourin        Prop
Robert Bateman
Madi Blakeburn         Fullback
Jessica Mills              Prop
Karli Funk                #8
Madison Borrows      Center
Sharn Randhawa      Flanker
Heritage Park
Erin Chambers            Stand Off
Casey Sharpe             Hook
Mackenzie Fowler        Wing
Chelsea Fowler           Wing
Kim Guliker                 Center
Kira Neu                    Center

Rick Hansen
Grace Okello                #8
Kristine Abbott            Prop
Chelsey Hogness         Scrum Half
Nicole Frketich            Stand Off
Danielle Dirksen           Fullback

Laura Peters               #8
Mallory Dieno              Lock
Annabel Arnott           Stand Off
Chelsea Yurick            Center
Serena Kind               Flanker

Junior Boys All-City

Dallas Yassinsky            Scrum Half
Dillon McGuire              Center
Tanner Storoshenko     #8
Jeremy Pauls                Center
Dan Squires                 Flanker
Heritage Park
Nathan Sawchuk         Flanker
Corey Hildebrandt        Prop
Parry Nigah                 Flanker
Kayden MacDonald       Hook
Kiefor Zeiffle               Hook
JD Paul                      Lock
Jordon Olson             Flanker
Mitch Vedder             Prop
Kris Bush                   Center
Sebastien Gibson        Stand Off
Rick Hansen
Arsh Gill                    Flanker
Jordan Gmur             #8
Ryan Hotner              Stand Off
Lucas Schwabb          Flanker
Harpreet Dhaliwal       Scrum Half
Robert Bateman
Jorden Best               Stand Off
Justin Douglas            Center
John Beckerleg          Fullback
Geremy Alverado        Prop
Justin Vargas             #8

Yale Blue
Brodie de St. Remy      #8
Coulson de St. Remy    Center
Thomas Choi               Flanker
Colin Draney                Flanker
Spencer Loughlin         Wing

Yale Red
Austin Dhillon              Stand Off
Kevin Davisson            Hook
Daniel Baranowski        Hook
Sam Jansen                Wing
Ken Uhryn                  Lock

Grade 8 Boys

Abby Middle
Paul Okano                Hook
Corey Swann             Flanker
Levi Brookes              Scrum Half
Cole Yodogawa          Stand Off
Cameron Ast              #8
Jason Reddy              Lock
Josh de la Cruz           Wing
Josh Thiel                  Stand Off
Pietro Romegioli         Center
Nathan Dah               Fullback

Clayburn Middle
Ben Cummings            Center
Kayden McLeod          #8
Talus Swanberg          Flanker
Tanner Friesen            Stand Off
Parm Sidhu                 Fullback
Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle
Prabhinder Bhullar        #8
Akash Sandhu              Hook
Harley Myers-Hanson     Center
Cameron Taylor            Flanker
Manpreet Chhina          Scrum Half

Eugene Reimer Middle
Harry Kaler                 Prop
Niel Singh                  Flanker
Baljot Dhaliwal            Flanker
Parmvir Chahal            Wing
Jashan Chauhan          Fullback
Heritage Park
Jason Hignell               Stand Off
Graeme Rennison        #8
Gilbert McCall              Center
Christoph Kuppers       Wing
Logan Velestuk           Hook

W. A. Fraser Red
Surge Francis             Stand Off
Jake Froehler              Center
Brendan Getty            Fullback
Jack Boyle                  Center
Jake Dececco             Flanker

W. A. Fraser Black
Connor Jones            Hook
Alan Eaton                #8
Jake Larsen               Stand Off
Stu Sayce                 Center
Ryan Chandler            Prop

Grade 8 Girls

Abby Middle
Madison McFarlan         Flanker
Gurpreet Dhaliwal        Scrum Half
Helena Teteris            Center
Melody Algera             Stand Off
Beth Hand                  Prop

Chief Dan George Middle
Emily Stach                 Center
Gabrielle Krilow            #8
Katie Crivello                Lock
Gwen Topacio            Flanker
Hailey Gibson              Center

Clayburn Middle
Keela McLean             Scrum Half
Abbe Stewart            Flanker
Sarah Miller                Center
Bre Hobbs                 Lock
Jayden McPherson      Center

Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle
Nina Saint Ange         Stand Off
Gina Parhar                Hook
Heidi Dueck               Scrum Half
Sera Pignatelli            Stand Off
Nancy Lai                  #8

Eugene Reimer Middle
Hasina Al-aibi             #8
Navdeep Gill               Flanker
Gurneet Tatla            Prop
Pavneet Atwal           Center
Jade Lui                    Fullback

Hailey Nunn               Stand Off
Tyesha Romano         #8
Kaylie Candie             Flanker
Meghan Keys             Hook
Livina Walker             Prop

W. A. Fraser Middle
Abigael Klassen            Stand Off
Sophia DeGianni           Scrum Half
Casey Lamb                 #8
Steffany Lowey           Hook
Katrina Moorthy           Wing

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