Abbotsford school rugby is alive and flourishing as the district had another successful year in 2009. Hundreds of boys and girls were active from grades 7-12 in Abbotsford school rugby programs, as many teams continue to expand and develop their rugby skills.

At the senior high school level, there were 5 boys’ teams competing, as well as Heritage Park from Mission, with Robert Bateman, Heritage Park, and Mouat all qualifying for provincials, Mouat having earned a provincial spot for the first time in nearly two decades. Abbotsford Collegiate, Yale, and Rick Hansen all worked through rebuilding years in hopes of gaining a provincial berth in the upcoming season. In the Provincial AAA division, Robert Bateman finished 6th and Mouat finished 9th. In the AA division, Heritage Park finished 9th in the province. Earlier in the year, Allan Dicks of Mouat earned the honour of being selected to the Canada U-17 program coached by Dave Chambers from Robert Bateman.
At the senior girls level, 4 teams competed from Abbotsford, as well as Heritage Park from Mission. Abbotsford teams included Abbotsford Collegiate, Rick Hansen, Robert Bateman and Yale Secondary. Robert Bateman finished 3rd in the AA division just edging out Heritage Park who finished 4th. Abby Collegiate came 6th in BC in the AAA division while Rick Hansen finished 11th. Yale completed their last year in the exhibition league, having a team comprised primarily of grade 10 and 11 players.

Abbotsford teams experienced much success at the junior level with 5 competitive teams in action, including Rick Hansen, Mouat, Bateman, Yale and Abby Collegiate and also Heritage Park from Mission. Abbotsford Traditional also had an exhibition team. All schools had very competitive teams with Yale running two teams for the 2nd year. Hansen, Mouat and Yale all had close battles throughout the season. Yale finished the year undefeated to win a 2nd consecutive Fraser Valley Championship. Bateman won their final match to finish 3rd in the Valley.

In Grade 8 action, Abbotsford schools were again very strong this year. In the boys’ division, five Abbotsford schools competed in the local league, including Clayburn, Abby, Reimer, a combined Howe/Chief team, and two teams from W.A. Fraser. Clayburn beat Garibaldi in the Fraser Valley Final to secure the 2009 championship, while W. A. Fraser finished 3rd, Reimer finished 5th and Heritage Park finished 6th.

The Abbotsford Grade 8 girls’ league saw six teams competing for the city championship, including Abby, W.A. Fraser, Reimer, and three exhibition teams, including a combined Howe/Chief team, as well as Aldergrove and Heritage Park who played with a few grade 9’s to round out their numbers. Powerhouse Abby Middle won their 2nd straight city championship defeating W. A. Fraser in the final with Reimer finishing 3rd. 

The ARFC ran its annual 7’s tournament again this year on April 17 at Yale. With 29 teams competing in 5 divisions, there were some fantastic matches. Final winners included Robert Bateman edging out Yale for the senior boys championship, Bateman winning the senior girls title, Yale winning the junior cup, W. A. Fraser winning the grade 8 championship, and Abby Middle securing the grade 8 girls win.

In conjunction with coaches, the Abbotsford Rugby Club has selected a senior boys All-Star team that will play a touring side in July. It has also selected an All-City team for each playing level, comprised of five players from each school who showed outstanding commitment and skill throughout the season. Heritage Park from Mission is included in this group, as are Aldergrove grade 8’s as many of its players are involved with the Abbotsford Rugby Club.

The Abbotsford Rugby Club is very proud of the Abbotsford school athletes, teams and coaches, and would like to applaud them for their successes both on and off the field. Congratulations to all successful 2009 recipients.

Senior Boys All-Star Team 2009
1. Karl Reisinger        Yale   
2. Darwin Guevera        Hansen
3. Jake Welsh            Mouat
4. Sheldon Martens        Hansen
5. Jozsef Csaszar        Mouat
6. Jared Douglas        Bateman
7. Paul Bodner            Heritage
8. Jake Buskell        Bateman
9. Pat Shields            Mouat
10. Kris Baranowski        Yale
11. Alex Thipavong        Bateman
12. Kurtis Appeldoorn    Mouat
13. Allan Dicks        Mouat
14. Chris Calderon        Yale
15. Jon Martin            Bateman
16. Corey Sheremeto        Bateman     Hooker/Scrum Half
17. Aidan Finlay        Abby        Center
18. Sheldon Paulson        Abby        Flank
19. Ajay Sharma        Mouat        Prop
20. Odell Brown        Yale        Back Row
21. Bryan Cuthbertson    Heritage    Scrum Half
22. Jose Codoceo        Hansen        Flyhalf/Center
23. Jordan Tait-Comis        Heritage    Flyhalf/Fullback
24. Sheldon Bates        Yale        Center
25. Brayden Yasinsky        Hansen        Prop/Hook

Sr. Girls All-City
Abby Collegiate
Shaea Fehr                Prop
Jodi Hodge                8
Megan Baker            Scrum Half
Angee Loewen            Flanker
Kadie Goldbaum            Flanker
Robert Bateman
Karli Funk                8
Alli Greenley            Stand Off
Brittany Thompson        hook
Madi Blakeburn            Scrum Half
Erika Martin            Flanker
Heritage Park
Erin Chambers            Stand Off
Lissy Vernon            Prop
Kira Neu                Flanker
Casey Sharpe            Prop
Hillary Novokoski        8

Rick Hansen
Grace Okello            8
Kristine Abbott            Prop
Mackenzie Edwards        Stand Off
Bethany Fernandes        Outside Center
Adriana Raine            Center

Laura Peters            8
Sukrita Bolla            Stand Off/Center
Annabel Arnott            Center/Full Back
Mallory Dieno            Lock
Marina Sidhu            Stand Off

Junior Boys All-City
Abbotsford Collegiate
Joel Hand                Center
Joe Hamill                8
Carter Hobbis            Flanker
Dallas Yassinsky            Scrum Half
Dylan Maguire            Flanker/Stand Off
Heritage Park
Curtis Dowding            8
Zack Gilfillan            Scrum Half
Darren Levasseur        Center
Levi Neighbour            Flanker
Corey Hildebrandt        Hook
Tyson Appeldoorn        Scrum Half
Sammy Jasper            Flanker
Cam Bedore            8
Michael Kurath            Hook
Lukas Theissen            Center
Rick Hansen
Eric Olson                8
Jackie Huynh            Scrum Half
Justin Carey            Flanker
Daniel McCutcheon        Stand Off
Lucas Harder            Center
Robert Bateman

DJ Thiessen            Lock
Tyson Adams            Flanker
Jorden Best            Stand Off
Justin Douglas            Center
David Rose            Scrum Half

Yale 1
Caleb Reardon            Prop
Tyler Barons            Lock
Mark Walker            Center
Paul Ahn                Prop
Brandon Storey            Fullback

Yale 2
Tanner Dunlop            Lock
Hayden Mowbray        Scrum Half
Mike Brodowski            Center
Ken Presnilla            Wing
Jesse Cotton            Scrum Half
 Grade 8 Boys
Abby Middle
Curtis Todd            8
Gagan Gill                Lock
Carter Williams            Flanker
James Pauls            Wing
Mike Cho                Center
Chief Dan George Middle
Colin Warmerdam        Wing
Shawn Gauba            Prop
Steven Baker            Stand Off
Keenan Godden            Center
Eric Modgill            Scrum Half
Clayburn Middle
Justin Birchfield            Prop
Spencer Mavor            Center
Brett Huntington            Prop/Hook
Ricky Van Bugnum        Scrum Half
John Beckerleg            Fullback
Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle
Jesse Feenstra            Fullback
Dylan Renpenning        Prop
Cody Pawliuk            Center
Crysthian Reevis            Center
Nathan Susheski            Scrum Half

Eugene Reimer Middle
Arsh Gill                Lock
Alex Ho                Center
Brandon Ho            Center
Nathan Cercel            Fullback
Kenny Gill                Hook
Heritage Park
Nathan Sawchuk            8
Karlin Schalkx            Scrum Half
Kiefor Ziefflie            Hook
Parry Nigah            Flanker
Mitch Neil                Center
Robbie Corbin            Stand Off

W. A. Fraser Red
Thomas Choi            8
Jimmy Ahn            Flanker
Keegan Carson            Prop
Jesse Worley            Wing
Rashaun Simonise-Allan    Fullback

W. A. Fraser Black
Travis Murray            8
Steve Burns            Lock
Jake Froehler            Center
Surge Francis            Center
Cameron Scott            Hook
Grade 8 Girls
Abby Middle
Monique Dominique        Lock
Jade Cross                Scrum Half
Shelby Pihl                Stand Off
Junnaya Murphy            Scrum Half
Tiffany Picketts            8

Kayla Singleton            Hook/Lock
Kirsten Hutton            Prop
Jaime Rietsma            8
Toria Aslin                Scrum Half
Nici Nelson            Fullback

Chief Dan George Middle
Victoria Gill            Flanker
Rebecca Vedder            8
Emma Beaumont            Stand Off
Amrit Dhillon            Wing
Hailey Gibson            Center

Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle
Breanna Hager            Lock
Haley Shade            Center
Jasmeen Boparai            Prop
River Ned                8
Scarlett Walker            Wing

Eugene Reimer Middle
Amonjot Minhas            Prop
Deanna Ready            Lock
Sharon Kaila            Prop
Manveer Ghatora        Flanker
Mary Mai                Flanker

Chelsea Fowler            Lock/8
Erin Harrington            Prop/Lock
Mackenzie Fowler        Scrum Half/Wing
Emily Skillings            Center
Mercedees McGarrigle        Center

W. A. Fraser Middle
Kristine Heinrichs        Scrum Half
Claire Fowler            Center
Brooke Rideout            Stand Off
Kara Haveman            Lock
Christine Bedford        Flanker

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