Fight Night

No More Fight Night for ARFC

The ARFC executive voted to discontinue Fight Night at their October meeting. Despite the success of the event, there were liability issues that the executive was uncomfortable with and decided it was no longer a viable project for the club to be involved with. 

Thank you to those who volunteered or attended the event over the past 6 years!

There will be a boxing event in March of 2010 run by a different group. Visit for more details.

Fight Night VI

Thank you for all who attended Fight Night VI. With over 1000 people in attendance, the event was a huge success. Thank you Gerry Gionco, Needlefish Films, and all the volunteers for their involvement in the event!


  • Saturday, January 10, 2009
  • Ag-rec Building, Abbotsford
  • Doors Open 6:45pm, first fight at 7:30pm
  • General Admission: $20

1)    Emily Young (5’5, 145lbs) vs. Casper Connelly-Reed (5’3, 140 lbs)
2)    Mike Poitras (5’7, 165 lbs) vs Dave Nakaido (5’4, 170 lbs)
3)    Jason Mitchell (5’9, 185 lbs) vs. Scott Rouse (6’2, 220 lbs)
4)    Candice Barry (5’6) vs. Buffy Cornell (5’5)
5)    Adam Malm (6’0, 180 lbs) vs. Kevin Enns (6’0, 180 lbs)
6)    Tanner Hunter (6’1, 220 lbs) vs. Shane Beacham (6’0, 290 lbs)
7)    Aaron Lambert (6’2, 240 lbs) vs. Josh Funk (6’2, 230 lbs)
8)    Riley Saliken (5’11, 185 lbs) vs. Shea Bourquin (6’0, 180 lbs)
9)    Thomas Agafonow (5’8, 200 lbs) vs. Curtis Soanes (5’11, 195 lbs)
10)  Eric Tumback (5’10, 180 lbs) vs. Dan Tou (5’9, 170 lbs)
11)  Brodie Henderson (6’0, 235 lbs) vs. David Akers (6’3, 250 lbs)
12)  Paul Chan (6’3, 260 lbs) vs. Jamie Walton (5’11, 220 lbs) (draw)


Boxing nights are nothing new to the rugby world. Rugby Clubs in BC have held a similar event for many years as a fundraiser for their various programs. After several Abbotsford players attended a similar event on the Island many years ago, it was determined that organizing a similar boxing night in Abbotsford would be a great way to help subsidize the rising costs to play rugby.

At this particular Island boxing event, the ring was comprised of a roped off square of mats that was literally surrounded on all sides by a boundary of chair-bound spectators. In considering a local event, the Abbotsford players hoped to find an option to raise the ring for enhanced viewing. After doing some research, the players discovered that a ring service was available through Gerry Gionco out of his Vancouver gym. Mr. Gionco, an accomplished boxer himself, has made the ARFC Fight Night event possible since 2003 by providing the boxing ring, acting as referee, and providing the majority of the boxing equipment necessary for the evening’s festivities.

In it’s first year, Fight Night was held at Straiton Hall with approximately 150 people in attendance to watch 8 boxing matches. Over the past several years, the event and venues have grown, with over 400 spectators attending in 2008. An array of Abbotsford Rugby Club members and friends work hard behind the scenes to coordinate fighters and provide an enjoyable, fun event. The matches are typically comprised of 3 one minute rounds and are judged by three club members or associates with boxing experience. Winners of each match are determined by points recorded by the judges for each round, knock outs, or in some cases if the referee determines one of the competitors unfit to continue. Announcer Chris Kitt has kept the audience entertained for each year of Fight Night and continues to produce new material to keep the crowd laughing. We hope to see you at the ARFC's next Fight Night.


Despite having to make some last minute changes to the fight card due to injuries and an illness, 13 bouts still took place on January 5, 2008 at the Cadet Hall in the Abbotsford Rugby Club's fifth annual Fight Night. By 8:30pm, the crowd had hit building capacity of over 400 and many disappointed fans were turned away or were forced to wait until other patrons left before they could enter. The event was a tremendous success that saw great sportsmanship and athleticism as fighters duked it out in 3 exciting one minute rounds. There was plenty of action and some fantastic knock downs in the boxing event.

Thank you to all of the fighters and everyone who attended the event. Thank you also to announcer Chris Kitt, to Gerry Gionco and his crew who provided the ring and refereed, to Trevor McWhinney of Needlefish Films and his crew for documenting the event, and all the rugby club members who made this event happen.

Photos of the event can be viewed by clicking the links below. Thank you to Saturnin at Anvil Pictures for the photography.

Check out the short video created from last year's fight night entitled "Flailing Fisticuffs". This video was used last year in an application for Steven Spielberg's television show "On The Lot".

The clip below is trailer created from footage of last year's fight night event. Thank you to Needlefish Films for their involvement in the ARFC Fight Night events.